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One concept put forward arises from Imam Ali; the fourth caliph of Islam and the cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad. 


Istikhara according to Ali’s pertinent point of view saw astrology to be that which is fundamentally forbidden in the Islamic religion.

Dua and Wazifa

Allah says in Quran: “And your Lord says, Call on Me; I will answer your (prayer). But those who are too arrogant to worship Me will surely find themselves in Hell, in humiliation.”


A husband has the unilateral right of talaq, which can never be taken away but can be restricted through the nikahnama


A Muslim can trade in those goods and commodities only the use of which has been declared to be Halal (lawful)

Family Problem

The Prophet has said: “When God endows you with prosperity, spend first on yourself and your family.” Maintenance of the family is a legal duty of the husband,

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The Quran forbids magic and punishes magicians. Most magical descriptions were written in Arabic, because Arabic was assumed to be sacred.

Love Marriage

In truth, Islam teaches us love is kind, nourishing and pure. Meeting a spouse before marriage is wholly permitted and allowed if done with the right intentions and appropriately.

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Syed Qamar Abbas Bukhari

Rohani Ilm

The first verse that descended on the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Was Iqra, meaning "read,” opening the door to read, write, and ponder. The Quran urges the mankind to think, ponder, reflect and acquire knowledge that would bring them closer to God and his creation.


Although astrology is not generally permissible in Islam, early Muslims relied on the sun and moon to determine things important such as the direction of Mecca, fasting times for Ramadan, and the beginning and end of each month.


“Dua,” or personally talking to Allah (swt) and asking of Him, is a powerful solution to many problems. Duas can be made in any language, at any time. Allah says in the Holy Quran, “Call on Me, I will respond to you”

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